My Get-AZCopyGUI.ps1 script has been updated

At the end of May, I published my Get-AZCopyGUI.ps1 script which is a simple GUI wrapper for AZCopy.exe and helps simplify the process of importing .PSTs into Exchange Online. Today I published an updated version of the script which fixes a small bug and provides some additional functionality. The GUI now includes the following new options:

  • The ability to use /Pattern switch - It will automatically be set to *.PST
  • The ability to choose a custom log location. If  no location is selected, a log file is named AzCopyVerbose.log will be created in the default location which is %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Azure\AzCopy


For more information about Get-AZCopyGUI.ps1, see this post. I have published it to the TechNet Gallery, it can be downloaded by clicking here…