TCA Podcast Episode 17: The Community Khaleesi

The Microsoft Tech Community was launched in 2016 and is an evolution of the Office 365 Network, extended to support the Azure; Windows Server, and SQL Server communities. Microsoft Tech Community brings together multiple communities in one central location to support discussions and best practice sharing across a variety of Microsoft products and services. We had a […]

TCA Podcast Episode 16: Jeff Mealiffe and the Awesomeness of Exchange(Ahem, Office 365)

In this episode, Nic and Warren have a chat to the Perf Guy himself, Principal Lead Program Manager at Microsoft, Jeff Mealiffe. They talk about the evolution of Exchange and get Jeff to spill on which version he liked best! They also talk about Office 365 connectivity and the great things Microsoft are doing internally to make […]

TCA Podcast Episode 13: All About Mary-Jo Foley

In this episode, Nic and Warren had the privilege of interviewing legendary journalist Mary-Jo Foley. Mary-Jo has been covering the tech industry for almost 3 decades and her career has included many highlights, such as interviewing all three Microsoft CEOs – Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer and Satya Nadella. For more information on The Cloud Architects podcast, check us out […]

TCA Podcast Episode 11: “I’m not scared of what AI will do, but what humans will do with AI”

In this incredibly interesting episode, Warren and Nic catch up with Joe Baguley from VMware to talk what it’s like speaking live in front of 90 million people and geek out about virtualization, edge computing and the endless possibilities enabled by AI. For more information on The Cloud Architects podcast, check us out on SoundCloud. […]