TCA Podcast Episode 65: ISO 27001:2022, say what?

As an IT professional, governance and compliance have never been the sexiest of concepts. For many of us, these are things that distract us once a year when they require the yearly tick-in-the-box. It is important that we face the reality of the world we live in though and understand that we do have a responsibility of bridging two worlds. In this episode we had the opportunity to sit down with Rufaro Warinda to talk all about compliance, ISO 27001, CIS and a whole bunch of other acronyms. Rufaro does a fantastic job of explaining various concepts like the difference between Legislative and regulatory compliance and we take a look at how Microsoft technologies map to the new ISO controls.

Here’s a link to Rufaro’s really handy reference New ISO 27001:2022 controls & How Microsoft Saves the Day.

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