Script: Connect-EXO.ps1 - Connect to Exchange Online using remote PowerShell

I recently came across an old script I wrote to simplify connecting to Exchange Online using remote PowerShell and thought I’d polish it up a little and release it in case it could help make life easier for someone else.

This page will be updated whenever new features are added to the script..

This script features a GUI that will prompt for your tenant credentials and then connect to various Office 365 services using remote PowerShell. The current version of the script allows connectivity to:

  • Exchange Online
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Office 365 Security & Compliance Center 

The script will work natively in PowerShell 2.0+

There are no parameters or switches, simply execute the script:


Execution Policy:
The script has been digitally signed and will run just fine under a "RemoteSigned" execution policy.




I have published it to the TechNet Gallery, it can be downloaded by clicking here...