Microsoft Office 365 MVP!

Today was a good day! It stared out in Music City – Nashville, Tennessee, I went for an early morning run and was getting ready to kick-off my first project since relocating to the U.S a few weeks ago when, just after 8am I received an email informing me that I had been presented with a 2014 Microsoft MVP Award for my contribution to Office 365 technical communities during the past year.

I am extremely honoured to receive this award and join the MVP community, a community which I have long respected and admired.


Thanks to everyone reading my blog for all your comments and to everyone interacting on social media and in person at conferences and events. I look forward to continued contribution and to sharing my passion with you all.

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  • Don Wells

    We are deploying 365 more and more these days but with each deployment we run into hurdles. This one has me baffled. Client had 3 other domains where email currently lives. New domain created for 365. We can IMAP the other accounts and alias any additional address. The client wants to be able to send From: any of the now 4 domain addresses which is possible with the IMAP. What happen when the 3 domains go away? Now there isn’t and IMAP account but the client still wants to send as if it were still there.

  • Don Wells

    other accounts will be imported into O365 and will be added to the users as aliases when the other IMAP servers go away.

  • Don Wells

    found my own answer. Distro Grps, Grp Delegation, Send As. You have to create Distro grps for each alias and add the primary address to each group but it works.

  • Chris

    Hi Don,

    Thanks for the comment and update. Please feel free to contact me via the contact page if you would like to discuss this offline in more detail.



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