Windows 7 and Cisco VPN Client

So, managed to get everything installed and working great yesterday, really fought with the Cisco VPN client, but I eventually managed to get it working (or so I thought!) installed all windows updates before shutting down last night .. arrived at the office a little earlier this morning, turn my laptop on, BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!, happened a few times yesterday while I was fiddling with the Cisco VPN client so I figured I’d just repair it and try again, only, this time I was not so lucky..

To cut a long and frustrating story short: Windows 7 rebuilt and looking good again..

For the Cisco VPN client, I tried many things, this is how I managed to get it to work:

  • Install Citrix DNEupdate
  • Reboot
  • Take ownership and delete ndis.sys (in c:\windows\system32\drivers).
  • Take ownership and delete ndis.sys.mui (in c:\windows\system32\drivers\en-us).
  • Install Cisco VPN Client
  • Reboot
  • Windows 7 will repair itself (should take a few seconds) and automatically reboot.
  • Cisco VPN Client should work without any other tweaks.

Many thanks to Aaron Tiensivu for posting this on his blog, read it here