Office 365 Workstation Readiness

As cloud services and Office 365 in general continue to gain popularity, I find myself talking to more and more organizations who are looking to make use of these services. One of the challenges I come up against most often is the issue of workstation readiness and how many organizations tend to overlook the importance […]

Microsoft Office 365 MVP!

Today was a good day! It stared out in Music City – Nashville, Tennessee, I went for an early morning run and was getting ready to kick-off my first project since relocating to the U.S a few weeks ago when, just after 8am I received an email informing me that I had been presented with […]

How to perform a manual synchronisation with AADSync

I recently posted about the preview (CTP) of Azure Active Directory Sync Services (AADSync). There are a number of differences between AAADSync and DirSync, one of these being that the “DirSyncConfigShell.psc1” shell previously used to perform a manual synchronisation is not longer available. Instead, we can now use “DirSyncClientCmd.exe” which is located in “C:\Program Files […]

Azure Active Directory Sync Services – Kicking the “AADSync” tyres

Windows Azure Active Directory Sync (DirSync) has become synonymous with Office 365 in recent years and while DirSync isn’t a requirement, I haven’t seen any organisations consuming Office 365 services without it. In simple terms, DirSync can be used to synchronise local Active Directory objects to a Windows Azure Active Directory instance which is in […]